Monday, August 13, 2012

Thoughts about Healing and Speaking Truth...

This past year has definitely been about my own self-healing and letting go.  It's also been about speaking the truth. 

Though I am writing about this here, it comes to mind that the healing starts within each person but then must continue and extend to our families, our communities, and to an ever widening circle to continues out...infinitely.

It requires courage to change. 

Change in ourselves, our families, and our communities.  All have been impacted by "historic trauma generated by colonization, forced assimilation, and stripped rights to self-determination," as stated by Alaska Native, Evon Peter, in his article on A Discourse on Change, Tundrapost.

Dialogue about what is really happening in our communities must start from a place of solution rather than complaint.  I have gone through trainings on community healing where there was some time for this dialogue to begin but that was toward the end of the training.  And that is where we would leave off. 

I suppose the thought was that we, as a community, would continue the dialogue.


I want to follow through.  However that is to be. 

Again, it begins with me.