Sunday, January 07, 2007

Poetry by Robe Walker (Gros Ventre)

A Gentle Rain Becomes You to a T
By Robe Walker

silently...a storm approached
emptiness..with everything in it
clouds flew by ..and touched earth and sky
alike...just like...
it was supposed to
with every drop
of rain felt and found
as eyes blinked..
lightning flashed.. countless many
this to become for those who prepare or wait
and are ready to never before
when one drop after another
creates the sound..of this ancient song
stretching toward the sun
everything listens...
as she silently moves on...
sometimes when she grows....
she shows us her gentleness..
she is like this
when we are showered...
by her kindness
that's the way she is.......
she is never really far away...
just listen...